Thursday, February 21, 2008


Well, I'm back in the right seat. Making radio calls and flipping switches. However this time it's in the Cessna 402. No, I didn't get a demotion, I'm doing line-in-dock with a new hire who's going to be another captain on the C402.

He's a fine pilot and is doing a very good job. He's actually flown on 705 machines (airline category planes), been a chief pilot and has over 7000 hours. I feel a slight bit funny showing this guy the ropes with my 1500 hours of experience. But I also feel lucky that he isn't anything difficult to fly with and isn't making a bunch of mistakes, because we are filed under my license number today. He has 50 hours of line-in-dock to do, just as I had 7 months ago. I will be flying the majority with him for those hours. That'll be alright, it's always nice to have some company on those long days in the middle of no where.


At 10:48 AM, Blogger Tim Perkins said...

Just discovered your blog. Since I'm fascinated by Canada (I'm stuck in Texas) and by aviation (my hobby is aviation photography), I'll be returning often.


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